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        Supporting Educators, Students, and our Communities

        We are focused on developing effective programs that promote science, technology, engineering, and math education; and to participate in activities that address the priorities and concerns of the communities where Micron employees live and work.


        Educator Resources

        K-12 Programs

        We support the efforts of educators to promote robust education in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). For K-12 teachers, we offer workshops, grants, activities and lesson plans to help student understand the connection between the classroom and the real world. Our lessons meet math and science standards to get kids excited about learning. You’ll even be able to answer the age old question, “where or when will I use this in the real world?

        University Resources

        We believe educators can inspire students to pursue a world full of possibilities. Micron participates with universities and industry consortia to understand and support ongoing research efforts pertaining to the microelectronics industry. Grants provide opportunities to support ongoing research and strengthen the experiences of students beyond the classroom.

        Community Programs

        Enriching the Community

        Micron knows that education and a strong community are vital to the success of both society and innovative companies. Each of Micron’s sites around the world, know and understand the complex needs of their community. That’s why the Micron Foundation has a broad portfolio of organizations and events that it supports to enrich each unique community.

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        Micron is enriching schools and communities through our Micron Foundation and corporate giving programs, supporting goodness all over the world.

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